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WE REALLY DO KNOW WHAT MAKES RELATIONSHIPS WORK! Decades of research, study, and real life experience have given us the insight and the tools to create happier, healthier relationships with all the people in our lives--spouses, friends, relatives, partners, and coworkers.

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Real Life Relationship workshops-- One day experiences that change lives!

  • “Relationship: New and Renewal”
  • “Building Joy; Building Peace”
  • “Personality Speaking”
  • “Team Building
  • “Dealing With Difference”
  • “He Said; She Said”
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    REAL LIFE WORKSHOPS ARE FOR EVERYONE--private groups, work groups, play groups, and community groups! Workshop learnings are based on solid behavioral science theory and Real Life Experience, yet our workshops are more than just an intellectual exercise. You will have ample opportunity to learn, to share, and to practice the tools we present.

    OUR PRESENTERS: Real Life Workshops are developed by Virginia Downie, author and professor of Communication Studies. Our presenters--Professors Virginia Downie, Bill Purkiss and Nancy Hemmert--are all seasoned professionals in the field of Communication Studies and specialists in interpersonal, small group, gender, and intercultural communication.-

    TOGETHER: A Relationship Survival Kit

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